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Dessert Lover & Baker's Gift Box

€ 24.95 each Out of stock

Out of stock


A selection of our fullsize jars beautifully packaged in a natural gift box complete with luxury fabric bow.  This selection is perfect for those with a sweet tooth who love desserts and baking; our Lemon Curd makes a wonderful base for a Tarte Citron, our sauces can be used to add amazing fresh fruit flavour to cakes or pavlovas and the Butterscotch sauce used in macarons, a Banoffi pie or as a simply delicious icecream topping. 

Contains: Irish Blackberry Dessert Sauce 330g, Irish Strawberry Dessert Sauce 330g, Irish Raspberry Dessert Sauce 330g, Lemon Curd 330g, and Irish Butterscotch Sauce 220g




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