Raw Irish Honey
2012-12-11 11:32
Raw Irish honey straight from a local beekeeper.  This batch of honey was harvested in Stamullen (County Meath) which is on Ireland's East Coast.
€ 6.95
Irish Elderflower Cordial
2013-07-17 17:42
Wild elderflowers are combined with zesty lemons to give a wonderfully refreshing cordial; a perfect addition to sparkling water, lemonade, a gin &
€ 4.95
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Raw Irish Comb Honey (Limited edition)
2017-01-11 20:37
Highest quality Raw Comb Honey from a fourth generation beekeeper, harvested in County Louth. This package contains a section of comb cut from the f
€ 8.50
Apple Jelly
2012-12-11 11:26
Our Apple Jelly is made using local homegrown (pesticide-free!) Irish Bramley apples.  It's delicious as a sweet spread on brown bread, or served wit
€ 4.95
Spiced Plum & Port Jam
2012-12-11 11:05
We combine ripe plums with a hint of warming cinnamon and port in this wonderful seasonal preserve. Wonderful on bread and scones, but why not try ser
€ 4.95
Cranberry Sauce with Port
2012-12-11 11:27
Whole juicy cranberries with a subtle port and orange tone - a delicious accompaniment to your Christmas feast and sandwiches to use up the leftovers!
€ 4.95