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Big Red Kitchen

Serving Suggestions


Chutneys/JelliesTomato Chutney with Brie

  • As a side with cheese boards
  • Toppings for toasted sandwiches, wraps, bagels & burgers
  • To jazz up salads
  • Topping for canapés
  • Serve with hot or cold meats
  • Our jellies work well as dips for chicken goujons/fingerfood
  • Pineapple & Chilli chutney can be used for basting meat (Pork/Chicken) during cooking
  • Chilli Jelly added to cream and whiskey makes a fiery chicken sauce
  • Ritz cracker, Philadelphia Cheese, topped with Chilli Jelly is a great accompaniment for a glass of wine!
  • Sage Jelly slathered on your sausage sandwiches
  • Mix Chilli Jelly with Philadelphia Cheese or Mayonaise, to top your cooked fillet of salmon; grill until the topping starts to bubble


Jams/MarmaladesRaspberry and Vanilla Jam

  • On bread/toast/scones – classic
  • On pancakes & crepes
  • Mixed with rice pudding, tapioca and the like
  • As a filling for cakes / jam tarts
  • Lemon curd is an essential ingredient for homemade Tarte Citron or Lemon Meringue Pie
  • To flavour & sweeten homemade milkshakes
  • Marmalade on your sausages, anyone?!
  • Serve in hot oatmeal or breakfast cereal (as an alternative to sugar)
  • Try our Pear & Vanilla jam with cheese – delicious!
  • Glaze your tarts, pies and baked goodies (or even your ham) with either Sweet Orange or Irish Whiskey Marmalade


Dessert SaucesRaspberry Sauce

  • As an icecream topping
  • With pancakes/crepes
  • In cocktails (a small amount in a champagne glass topped with prosecco)
  • Mixed with natural yoghurt & fruit
  • A key ingredient for “Eton mess” (meringues, strawberries and cream topped with Strawberry dessert sauce)
  • As a serving sauce with Deep Fried Brie
  • Mixed with oil and vinegar for a fruity salad dressing
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